Welcome Jamea Sale, Expert in the female girl’s changing voice.

We welcome Jamea Sale, MME as a new contributor to Developing Voices. She is considered an expert in healthy singing techniques and the female girl’s changing voice. Sale works from her private studio in south Olathe, Kansas accepting students of voice and students in need of vocal recovery assistance.

Jamea’s credentials include a Masters of Music Education from the University of Kansas in choral/vocal pedagogy. She obtained memberhip in the International Voice Care Network  after completing rigorous course work at St. John’s University. Ms. Sale earned her Bachelor of Music Education from Kansas State University in vocal and instrumental education, K-12.

Ms. Sale prioritizes the healthy development of vocal skills especially for changing voice adolescents. She focused her research on the female changing voice while in the KU Music Education/Music Therapy department. In the fall she will enter the PhD program in Choral Pedagogy at the University of Kansas. She continues her work with girls in Allegro Choirs of Kansas City. Sale is Assistant Director of the Institute for Healthy Singing, Executive Associate Music Director for the William Baker Choral Foundation and Vocal Coach for the William Baker Festival Singers. She is available for vocal workshops and presentations regarding “the science behind the voice.”

Jamea Sale: JameaFul@Gmail.com


Lynn Swanson

Music Director & Organist, Grace Episcopal Church, Gainesville, GA Music Director & Conductor, New South Festival Singers, Atlanta, GA Music Director & Conductor, Cobb Summer Singers, Marietta, GA Advisor to The Institute for Healthy Singing, The William Baker Choral Foundation former Assistant Director, Zhuhai Classical Children's Choir