Lynn Swanson

Music Director & Organist, Grace Episcopal Church, Gainesville, GA Music Director & Conductor, New South Festival Singers, Atlanta, GA Music Director & Conductor, Cobb Summer Singers, Marietta, GA Advisor to The Institute for Healthy Singing, The William Baker Choral Foundation former Assistant Director, Zhuhai Classical Children's Choir

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Developing Young Voices – The Healthy Way

Case Study: Moira, Teenage Girl, Age 15 ~ Moira came to me as a member of a local children’s choir. At age 15, she had never studying voice privately. As a member of the choir at her school and the

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Are We in Gym Class? I Thought This Was Choir.

Performance presence is important, but creating an expectation of absolute stillness invites tension into the vocal mechanism and body; ultimately sacrificing the singer’s ability to use their instr

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PAJAMA MOVES – it’s the small moves that can make the biggest difference.

EXERCISE! Thoughts of pain, time, and hassle? It doesn’t have to be that way. Change the thought of EXERCISE to MOVEMENT and feel good just about all the time. You don’t need to move your body

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