Jamea Sale

Executive Associate Director, William Baker Choral Foundation Vocal Coach, Allegro Choirs of Kansas City Candidate for Ph.D. in Choral Pedagogy, University of Kansas

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The Breathy Girl’s Changing Voice

My favorite part of being a voice teacher is working with “Changing Voice Girls.” An email arrived this morning from Becca (8th grade) who has an audition for a select 9-12 girls touring chorus. S

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Part 2 The human voice: an instrument in residence

Breath trivia: The diaphragm descends anywhere from 1.5 cm at rest to 6-10 cm during exercise. There is no air going into the abdominals! The role of the abs is to relax and allow the thoracic cavit

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The Human Voice: An Instrument in Residence, Part 1 ~

The human voice: an instrument in residence Singers are fortunate to have a traveling instrument requiring no special assembly or installation. Even so, it is helpful to understand the make-up of the

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