Prioritizing your goals when working with novice or mature Chinese singers in a choral setting

Lynn Swanson working with members of the Zhuhai Classical Children’s Choir,
Zhuhai, China

Understanding the Use of Articulators and Resonators in a Choral Setting specifically for those working with Chinese choirs ~

This presentation and accompanying video is made specifically to help those that are working with novice Chinese choristers learning to sing classical music. It is designed to help Chinese singers whether they are mature or young.

During the time I led choirs in China, I learned that the native Chinese speaker used their articulators differently from the native English speakers. It is critically important to understand what articulators are and how they are used before any singer can begin to expand the vocal range as well as achieve good intonation. Good intonation is especially critical in a choral setting and is often neglected. I found that the primary focus for many Chinese choirs was expression. The first concentration should actually be on securing accurate pitches and exact rhythm. Then attention can be given to expression and how to bring the lyrics to life. 

•It’s important to understand the differences in how to use articulators and resonators when singing different languages.

•Requirements for the use of articulators in the Chinese language is different from that requirement while singing Classical music.

• Before you can make a beautiful sound, you must learn how articulators bring energy to the resonator. •

•You must learn how to use articulators and how to use resonators according to the music you are singing.

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Lynn Swanson

Music Director & Organist, Grace Episcopal Church, Gainesville, GA Music Director & Conductor, New South Festival Singers, Atlanta, GA Music Director & Conductor, Cobb Summer Singers, Marietta, GA Advisor to The Institute for Healthy Singing, The William Baker Choral Foundation former Assistant Director, Zhuhai Classical Children's Choir

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