Must I Always Warm-up My Voice Before I Sing?

All Voice Experts advocate warm-up exercises. The lack of a proper warm-up may contribute to vocal fatigue and even dysfunction in singers as well as anyone using that uses the voice throughout the day. Poorly warmed-up voices are less durable and less sustainable!

What happens to the vocal folds during the warm-up?

Since the vocal folds contain muscle tissues as a major component they depend on efficient blood circulation in order to retain good function and viscosity. Good circulation is stimulated by a well-planned and methodical warm-up. All great athletes rely on efficient and optimal muscle function and therefore warm up their muscles as part of their initial exercise.

Just how does one warm up the voice? Believe it or not, it can be achieved in much the same way one prepares the body for a work out. This warm up includes:
• Full body movements to activate the breath and bring circulation to the pharynx and larynx
• Intentional but natural movement of the diaphragm
• Massage the jaw and facial muscles
• Gentle onsets with soft phonation using resonators
• Experience the head voice, then mixed register voice and finally chest voice
• Work the articulators [i.e. mouth, tongue, jaw, hard palate, etc.]
• Integrate consonants with vowels and transition to forming words

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Lynn Swanson

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  1. I hear the terms ‘hard palate’ and ‘soft palate’. Can you explain what this means?

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